Personalized Home Nursing Care

The home is the best place to recover and Our Family Nurse provides patients and families with holistic home health care by an RN/nurse practitioner skilled in adult and pediatric health. Wellness is not just freedom from pain but also is psychological health and a feeling of purpose and meaningful living. Wellness is a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Are you or a relative suddenly sick and thrust into a confusing world of medical terminology and treatments? Do you wish you had your own “family nurse” to help you sort it all out and provide guidance? Our Family Nurse is expert in adult and pediatric health.  We guide you toward better health and best utilization of health resources. We are friendly and caring and believe in using the most natural and proven methods to recovery. We make the patient and family preferences the priority in developing a personalized care plan. 

A home visit schedule can be tailored to the patient’s needs and flexible to work around family needs. Home visits commonly are scheduled weekly and billed monthly according to our fee schedule, but if you need more frequent, or only occasional, visits we can arrange that, too. 

Our services include home visits, coordination with treating physicians and therapists, support and education. We send electronic reports to doctors and phone call them when appropriate. Phone support is available Monday-Saturday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm for questions.

Our Family Nurse personalized home nursing care service includes comprehensive assessment of the patient including:

  • Monitoring vital signs, weight and other measurements, assessment of functional abilities including walking, nutrition, hydration, and elimination.
  • Evaluation of ability to take medications and assess for side effects or problems with medication schedules.
  • Assessment of the patient’s home environment and assistance with creating a safe and cheerful sick room area conducive to healing.
  • Nature and plant-based therapy offered to patients interested in using natural evidence-based therapies. Examples include gardening activities and bringing nature into the home. 
  • Education of the family about diseases, wellness, medications, and the typical process of engaging with the medical professions. We decipher medical jargon and processes.  
  • Individualizing care plans to the family based on what the patient and family really want versus what the medical providers think they should be doing (palliative care, patient-driven focus.)
  • See a full list of our services under Our Agreements

Candidates for Our Family Nurse personalized home nursing care services include: